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Those are thoughtful answers, except the Van Allen Belt is a rather minor hazard. Perhaps the backers are deliberately over optimistic. We do need to start spending big money and get the public enthused in 2012 to get 4 live humans to Mars by 2044. Perhaps about a half scale pilot model craft with two humans can get higher than LEO = low Earth Orbit briefly in 2022, Then back to the drawing boards. Most of the details are untested at present, and there is not a consensus on the best way to get a practical colony on Mars. The no return is not entirely true as the colonists will have the manned lander and perhaps a dozen unmanned supply craft which they can modify, and refuel for a high risk return to Earth, if some of them decide they are more likely to survive a return trip than staying alive on Mars. The colonists need to stay busy or an early death is all but certain. Neil