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If a tenant has to leave before their lease has expired, they may be permitted to assign their lease, which means to transfer their remaining rights and obligations to a new tenant. In this arrangement, the original tenant is known as the assignor, and the new tenant is called the assignee.

Both subletting and assignment involve finding a new tenant, but they have some key differences. It's important to review your Lease Agreement for rules about subleasing or assigning your lease, as well as discuss your options with your landlord.


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It is a common (and dangerous) misconception that a commercial tenant’s liability under the terms of a lease cease upon assignment.

Landlord probably doesn t have a choice. Most courts freely allow assignments of commercial leases, unless the terms of the lease are very, very, VERY specific about prohibiting assignments. Most of the time, commercial leases do not prohibit assignment, because no rational businessman would sign a long-term lease that prohibited assignment. READ THE LEASE!