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Research Paper: Information Security Technologies by Benjamin Tomhave November 10, 2004 Prepared for: Professor Dave Carothers EMSE 218 The George Washington University

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Free Database Security Research Paper: Database security includes several technologies to ensure the protection of databases and applications, servers, and systems.


Judging from the definitions of a system administrator and a system engineer, I would say these would be the definitions for a database administrator and engineer: Database engineer: one who defines, plans, and implements a database system while coordinating with network, infrastructure, security, and storage teams/engineers. Eg--the one who designs the database system. Database administrator: one who manages an existing database system (users, databases, backup, troubleshooting, etc.). Eg--one who manages the database system. Those are just my definitions--don t know how correct they are.

pedigreedatabase.com is not directly connected to the registries, it s a voluntary site where one can enter their dogs in the database. It s a useful research tool, and many breeders who are proud of their dogs & want to make the info available do put them in it ( plus people enter their non-breeding dogs too which is good so you can see more of the progeny) But not being in it would not be definite proof that a dog was not registered. One would have to check with the registry. Certainly it is VERY possible to get "hung" (fraudulent) papers. It s really for the most part based on the honor system, although the legitimate registries at least have SOME requirements like a breeder would have to be at least the official owner of a ***** ( or have an agreement to "lease" her from the breeder who owns her) in order to be able to register a litter with her as the dam. Then there has to be documentation for the sire as well (who is often owned by someone else) and AKC does at least require DNA for popular sires. There are also registries in other countries who require DNA even more. Then there are also a bunch of bogus registries that have sprung up like Continental Kennel Club or APRI that will register anything with no evidence at all. These type of registries are often used by puppy mills and irresponsible smaller breeders. This is not to say that AKC registration is any proof of the quality of the dogs or the breeder s reputation or ethics. If you have a bad feeling about the breeder it is best to at least hold off for now. and do some more research on what to look for in a responsible breeder and how to find them. Pedigree Database has a forum, you could post a question on there. (It is pretty much like the wild wild west on that forum, lol, not much moderation, but there are some knowledgeable people. Or there are other online breed forums. For example here is a GSD forum section about choosing a breeder that gets a lot of breeder recommendation questions. and also has a sticky post with links about things to look for in a responsible breeder http://www.germanshepherds.com/forum/choosing-breeder/ (I don t know what breed you re looking at but I gave this example since PDB is especially associated with GSDs If you re looking for another breed you can search for similar forums. Another place is look in Yahoo groups. Since you mention the (purported) sire of this litter is at a security company, here is another forum for working dogs http://www.workingdogforum.com/


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Research Paper: Information Security Technologies by Benjamin Tomhave November 10, 2004 Prepared for: Professor Dave Carothers EMSE 218 The George Washington University

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