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maybe you could draw a part of her dress, i mean she has some amazing extravagant one, like the one she wore, its in her bad romance video, the one where she sings "walk walk passion baby work it move that ***** go crazy (x3).Work it I m a free ***** baby" I think its an Alexander mc queen dress, but maybe take a screen shot of a clip and zoom in on part of the neck line and shoulder of the dress and a bit of chest so its obscure and then angle it so its not straight on maybe a bit quirky to the side.. that says who she is too because she is quirky and things.. She s an amazing performer, oh and maybe change the hue and saturation and make the image sharp and colourful because lady gaga certainly has many colours to her and she is sharp! But you could so how her lovely side and make it a water colour picture and then draw that/ paint it.. whatever you will be doing.. XD Please check out my profile to answer my question! yo seem like you know some things about art!! - It would be much appreciated : ) http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Am1yj4tjsG5XtgQzTsMlIIkhBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20120101130447AAzgMBk Hope i helped!!


Small Things To Draw

Hey girl! I was stumped on this assignment too when I had ART but its actually really interesting to learn about this portion. I used a glass bottle house in my home town of Forest City NC but there is an even larger Glass bottle house in Canada called "The Bottle House of Boswell" in Boswell Canada. I honestly prefer that you go over the multimedia presentation and it will open your understanding of the meanings of what art forms are whether abstract, nonobjective and so forth. I will email you with some other info I have and hopefully it helps you. I also did my second art choice on Paper Clip art and I m providing the link for your info below in the sources area. You can also email me directly to my inbox at [email protected]