Тема: News - Judiciary of Scotland

News articles are fresh, clear, accurate and objective. Since they are often read quickly or skimmed, the most important information must be presented first, followed by descriptive content that rounds out the story. Read on to learn the basics of news article writing.


Talk to the editor of the newspaper. Or, if your school publication is very bi, talk to the editor of the features section. Ask her/him if it s possible you can do a guest piece on that subject and mention that you are very knowledgeable/passionate about it. This is what people usually do at my school, and we usually have at least one guest post per issue.

at 14 the newspaper is not going to print an article or take you seriously, sorry to break it to ya, you probably still have a lot to learn about AP style and how to follow all of the rules to write actual journalism, its best to just do the hs paper and then intern there later on, I edit a college newspaper and I have enough trouble taking care of 24 year olds who dont know what the hell they are doing.