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it really is a metaphor. interior the nighttime air, she felt her eyes develop chilly the female s eyes noted as for warmth temperature interior the nighttime air undergo in concepts that utilizing like or as turns it top right into a simile

could you give more details (what grade you re in, whether or not it can be based on another work/movie)? for a start though, there is this anime called detective conan with 600+ episodes, and the main character really is an incredible teen detective. if you see one of the hundreds of episodes they offer highly real-world sounding explanations and stuff to the murders/kidnappings/etc

This might sound silly to you, but our teacher gave us the start of a story and we finished it and that can go forward for our coursework. (I m doing my GCSEs). - You re in the house on your own and your parents aren t back till tomorrow - you watch a dvd/tv and something on it scares you - you hear nosies and are frightened - you go upstairs and all the lights turn off - street lights are off - there is a thunder storm, which is strange as its summer - you have no signal on your phone - you hear footsteps coming up the stairs - your door begins to open ..... sorry if this isn t great,but its an idea good luck :)