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STARBUCKS. i dont think you can ever go wrong there


During winter and summer break in my college years, I worked in the basement archives of the local courts. These were archives that were 50+ years old, and not really needed on a day to day basis. I maybe saw another living person 2 or 3 times a day. My only job was to help those 2-3 people make copies and to direct people to the bathroom down the hall when the took a wrong turn into my room. This was pre WiFi, but I did get to read a lot of books. My husband did the overnight security at a student center at his college. A place where no one was. Besides walking around the building once an hour, he did a lot of homework and TV watching. Lifeguard at a Senior Center outdoor pool- if the pool is too cold, no one goes in

I never had such a job./ I also think that it is your responsibility to do the work without payment for it.