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APA (American Psychological Association) style is most commonly used to cite sources within the social sciences. This resource, revised according to the 6th edition.

CAR Explain factors that could cause possible changes in supply and demand. 1. Time of year - at end of year people want to wait for next model year. At beginning of year the current model in more demad than last yer s model. 2. Price of gas - SUV (gas guzzlers) become less desirable when gas is high. 3.Fad - going green is chic so hybirds and flexfuel and smaller cars are desirable. 4. Taxes - govenments can given lower taxs or rebates to stimulate purchas and purchae of specific types. Cas fo Clunkers removed amny cars from the market since they had to be destroyed and new cars had to be bought. 5. Politics xenophobia- makes purchase of froeign cars less desirable. Anti-inidan or Chinesse may make sales of ther cars fall in the US. 6. By American fads campaings by manuafactures;union;patroit groups. 7. Bad news abouyt product- run away Toyotas and the jokes on the Letterman and Leno shows. Substitues: Truck; bicycle; motocycle; public transportation; ride share; sharing car with others (like a time share). complemnts are parking space; ski/bike rack; extened warrantly; insurance; setero sytem; gps; alarm system; vanity license plate; custonm pait; trailer hitch; sexy rims. Most people require one car so you must by a new one or a used one. It not like a pet rock where we can all walk away from buying one. There will be a residual market(demand) at all times but probaly never zero demand,

I m a biologist but I am also interested in psychology, let s see. I m from Puerto Rico, psychologist just learn many sociology subjects, like sex, family, communities and so on. also how people think and react to situations. also there s a class that only works with the nervous system and the brain, is pretty awesome why would you want to do that? plus many credits don t apply if there are from your mayor yes, your a psychologist, and more important, your a college student. start writing, reading and talking, you ll see lots of it. I guess basic math, and no is not hard. why are people afraid of math??? now that s a good psychology question sure, clinic is a minor I m not a psychologist, I m a biologist. but trust me I ve been working as a psychologist for many people :D. is good to help but the trick is not to place there problems on your back. well depends on your dedication to college. I know a friend that graduated in 3 years taking summer and advance classes. also 18 credits every semester. but don t do that. enjoy life :D well yes you can, but why stop with a bachelor??? go for the sickos :D PS. good luck in college :D