Тема: Can anyone tell me how i can break the lease of my nyc apartment?

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If a lease is assigned, then the new tenants have the full rights and obligations specified in the lease. They're the new tenants. If it's assigned, then the landlord is placing those new tenants into the primary tenant position, and the previous tenants have no other responsibilities. If it's a sub-lease, then the original tenants are still fully responsible for the terms and conditions of the lease. Although the new tenants are living in the property, it's the original tenants who are legally responsible to the landlord. Hope that helps.

  • You want to transfer your lease to someone else.
  • You'd like to take over someone's lease agreement.
  • You're a landlord and up for your tenant transferring their lease.

The Assignment of Leases & Rent is only applicable to the mortgage that s specified in it. You answered your own questions, if the mortgage was satisfied, then the assignment of Leases & Rent is no longer in effect. El

This is the most important aspect being a LLC. Please seek legal advice in making a lease.You dont want to be screwed in the end.

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