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1) find your niche. is this a specialty product, or something that amazon.com and ebay.com already offer for low prices? If you re willing to underbid them, definitely post your thing on ebay or your item on amazon at a lower than retail price. 2) If you decide to start your own website, you re going to want to make sure you get listed on all the search engines, shopzilla.com, mysimons.com, nextag.com, and all those other websites that compare prices among many many retailers. 3) Customer support is your best friend. Treat your customers with the best respect you can offer. Provide yourself as more than a business person. as a friend. This is literally what drove both Wal-Mart, Amazon, and Starbucks to a billion dollar business. I s obviously not as simple as this, but I wish you luck :D

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E-commerce" http://moneytechnic.blogspot.com/2009_04_12_archive.html A word pervading our society, making headlines around the world, and causing the stock market to rise and fall with startling ease. It seems every business news story centers on some technology company’s "DOT-com" or "DOT-bomb"! With all the positive and negative hoopla, business owners of any size company can throw up their hands and feel the "E" world has left them behind. Every business owner, salesperson, or professional asked one of two questions in the past year, either "Am I using e-commerce correctly?" or "How do I effectively get involved in e-commerce?" You can buy hundreds of books and pay thousands in consulting fees to analyze and debate the answer to the first question. To answer to the second question just follow these 12 steps. Step 1 - Buy a domain name (your own DOT com). Go to http://www.NetworkSolutions.com and research names. Can a customer easily spell and remember it? Step 2 - Write down your online goals and prepare a time and money budget. How soon do you want your e-commerce site up and running? How much will you spend? How many hours will you devote to the site and when? Step 3 - Surf the web to find other sites you like and dislike. Learn from others’ successes and mistakes by taking the best of what their sites offer and adapting it for your own use. Step 4 - Design your site on paper. Define elements, look, feel, colors etc. Step 5 - Hire a professional to set up the graphics and navigation, but with the intention of you or your staff maintaining the site’s day to day operations, communication and updates. Step 6 - Invest in a digital camera and web publishing software such as Microsoft Front Page or Adobe Acrobat to keep up with the site’s maintenance. Step 7 - Maintain, change, and update your site at least once a month. (The one exception to this rule are those one- page, sales letter websites. Once you have one of those that performs well and makes sales, don t change it!!) Step 8 - Promote your site at every opportunity. Tell people about it. Put your web address on your business cards and in all your ads. Some companies even advertise their web address when they put you on hold on the telephone. Step 9 - Give people a self-serving reason to visit your site. Coupon savings, discounts, special incentives, free information, and free newsletters represent excellent enticements for attracting visitors to your site. Step 10 - Concentrate on obtaining an email address from every customer and potential customer. Obtain permission to send periodic, value added malings to your database. Use a list server to organize and maintain your mailing list. Step 11 - Always look for and use the simplest solution or option. Whether adding a shopping cart, database or other option to your e-commerce operation, seek out and use the simplest answer for your needs. Step 12 - Become educated and stay current in the world of e-commerce. Learn the marketing and sales techniques of the online world.