Тема: Can someone help me with this assignment, its about poetry.?

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This is what I think you should do: Gather all your "daily Q s" together tonight, and find as many answers to them as you can. Do your very best to answer each and every one of them. Then, make a photocopy of the teacher s syllabus and highlight the line in which she states that projects, homework and daily Q s can be turned in up to four days late with 25 points deducted. Hand them all in to her TOMORROW. Seriously, you need to show her that you care about the assignments and you re not just shoving them under a pile of papers somewhere (even if you were. and if you were, you re just like me, so don t feel bad! we re only human.) Just try to redeem yourself. Do everything you possibly can to get all those daily Q s answered ON PAPER so you can hand in the whole pile of it to her tomorrow, first thing. If she still insists that she won t accept it, you have grounds to file a formal complaint, because she s not upholding her own promise. BUT YOU HAVE TO have an impressive pile of those "daily Q s" before anyone will take you seriously -- the thing is, you can complain all you want about "fair" or "unfair", but according to her rule, you still have ONE DAY LEFT. Get your Q s answered so you can say you did everything you could think of to meet her "requirements". She may just be testing you, after all. Good luck, and feel free to post your daily Q s here as well!

Contact the counselor at the school and ask if there are any groups that your child can join that will help with studies. They also may know of a high school student willing to tutor for pretty cheap. Ours cost $15.00 per hour & we did 2 1 hour sessions per week. I don t think punishment will help, unless you think he/she is just not applying themselves. If they are struggling I think recognizing the problem is half the battle.