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Objectives ‘“ has the word ‘object’ in it. Objects are concrete. They are something that you can hold in your hand. Because of this, your objectives can be clearly outlined with timelines, budgets, and personnel needs. Every area of each objective should be firm.

Objectives ‘“ can be measured. Simply phrase your objective in the form of a question. For example, ‘I want to accomplish x in y amount of time’ becomes ‘Did I accomplish x in y amount of time?’ This can easily be answered in a yes or no form.

First of all, business plan and proposal for funding are two different documents. You seem to need a proposal rather than a business plan. There are many good resources on the Internet about proposal writing. You can look at some of these: http://www.npguides.org/ http://foundationcenter.org/getstarted/tutorials/shortcourse/ http://www.learnerassociates.net/proposal/ http://members.dca.net/areid/proposal.htm Basically, you need to tell the potential grantor what (and when) you want to achieve, how much money you will need, and how you will use the money if you receive it.