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The main one would be that the company makes more money than it spends. Profitability is a strong predictor of success. Another would be that the company owns its factories free and clear. No loans to eat up the income. Another would be long-term contracts with its workers and/or it suppliers. No disruptions in the near future.

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"All debts that are recorded exist" Existence/Occurrence - management is saying that these debts are genuine and aren t fictitious "All liabilities are recorded at Accounts Payable" Completeness - Mgt is saying that ALL liabilities have been taken up, i.e. there are no unrecorded liabilities "All major loans that are recorded exist" Existence/Occurrence - Mgt is saying that all loans you see in the books exist (but they don t say that ALL loans have been taken up in the books, so the assertion of completeness is not addressed)


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