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well you have to know the language of the country you are going to be teaching in. it isn t that easy but i would assume it would be like teaching spanish in the us

What you re going through is normal, especially if you re on your own at the job. The good news is that you realize there are ways in which you can improve. There are lots of websites that deal with ESL, and some (like proteacher) offer forums that allow you to post questions and ask for advice. I d suggest that you look into more interactive type activities and don t present like a grammar teacher. For example, for indrect speech you could have a warm up like: T: "Where do you work?" Student A: I work in an office in Chiba T: (to student B) "What did he say? I didn t hear him" Student B: "He said that he works in an office in Chiba" and so on. When you get to the writing part you can discuss why both the past and present tense are needed in the response.


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What’s the toughest interview question you’ve ever faced? This lesson plan explores the world of job interviews and is ideal for anyone preparing for one or wanting to discuss their job interview history. Reading texts, vocab exercises and plenty of discussion all feature, including the hardest interview questions I’ve ever faced: “Tell me three positive characteristics you don’t have”? (Exactly!). Answer Key and Teacher’s Notes included.

BESIG is the Business English Special Interest Group of IATEFL. BESIG's members are mainly teachers of Business English and include both native and non-native speakers of English.

Kay Westerfield and Leslie Opp-Beckman provide Internet-based projects for Business English with a wealth of links to other resources.