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The major components of a business plan are: - Executive Summary The executive summary provides a brief description of the key features and activities of the company. This section is usually one to four pages in length and must be as succinct as possible. The executive summary must briefly explain the market opportunities that are going to open up and how the company plans to seize them. Next, it must explain the strategies the company plans to deploy and how it will utilize its resources most optimally. The executive summary section is as brief as possible; the sections that follow will explain in detail other specifics about the company and its operations. - Description of the Company The business plan includes a detailed description of the company. A strategic overview of the company is provided here. The company s legal name and the address of operation are listed, and a detailed description of the line of trade of the company is provided. The past history and the company s growth path are also explained, with statistical charts used for illustration if needed. The company s immediate growth strategies are described in detail in this section of the business plan. - Management Overview The structure of the organization is explained in this section. It explains whether the company is adopting a horizontal or vertical organizational structure. The levels of hierarchies expected to prevail in the company are highlighted. Also, all the persons who are going to occupy key managerial positions are introduced. The resumes of all these people are included here. The manpower requirements for the first year of the existence of the company are estimated in this section. - Market Analysis This section of the business plan shows that the company is ready to get into the market and compete. Here, the company lists the product it intends to manufacture and the estimated demand for it. A detailed description of the market trends, including customer research and analysis, are presented here. Also, the company s proposed pricing and distribution plans are discussed here. - Financial Analysis Here, the company elucidates its finances. It explains what portion of the money has been brought in by the incorporators and the means of raising the remainder of the money. This analysis explains whether the business would be run as a sole proprietorship, partnership or as a registered corporation. Whether the remainder of the money would be raised as debt or as equity is explained. Then, the financial projections for the first year of the company s business are made, including forecasts of expected sales, expenditures and profits. Read more: What Are the Major Components of a Business Plan? | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/info_7825124_major-components-business-plan.html#ixzz2OlcYJKKs