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ACritical Thinker’s Indispensable Traits. Becoming an outstanding critical thinker requires the cultivation of a number of key traits and qualities that will help.

christians are commanded to not think. If christians did think there would be no christians


hang on a second so that I can get me a tin foil hat and some kool aid to drink so I can relate to you... never mind, I would rather think for myself.

I know an that anecdote that fits. Several years ago, there was a referendum before the Californis State Senate to make it so that all voting materials would be, for a period of years, be printed mot just in English, but also in Spanish, Vietnamese, and Chinese. The intent was to take into consideration the many Amewrican citizens there who, although born on US soil, spoke inadequate or no English. During the debate, a senator rose to speak, holding up a Bible in one hand. "Ladies and gentlemen," he said, "I have only one thing to say about this bill. If the English language was good enough for Jesus Christ, it s good enough for me." Although true (!), this is an outrageous example, of course. But the learning some of the subtleties of other languages than our mother tongue can really broaden our viewpoint, and not just in terms of understanding others, but ourselves. For instance, the words "Je t aime" in French-- I love you , cannot be "improved", as they can in English by adding to them, as in "I love you very much". "Je t aime beaucoup" means instead I like you, but I don t love you." So, like German beer can t be alloyed and still be called "beer", so it is with love for the French. It s said the Inuit language has many, many words for "snow" -- and other topics related to their culture, such as one expression which translates as "I trust you, but not enough to go seal hunting with you." Maybe we have our own boardroom or high-school equivalent: all are revealing of the differences between cultures, and learning about others who think differently than we do is as enriching as traveling to far away places.