Тема: How To Stop Procrastinating - 5 Tips For Overcoming.

This guide explains what procrastination is, how it works, and how to stop procrastinating. Now for your first test: Don't procrastinate, and read this now.

Brainstorming is always the perfect excuse.

Try to find something in it that interests you, even if it s just a small part. Any bit of the topic that you can "make your own" will help you maintain at least a bit of interest in it. Try talking to someone about it, like a friend, and explaining what your paper is going to be about. Sometimes this might start a discussion where you ll figure out something about the topic that s at least slightly intriguing to you. As for actually making yourself do it, it might help to make a schedule for yourself. Divide up the work and decide when you will do each part. Then make sure to reward yourself when you get it done. It helps me to know that when I finish reading a book or writing a few pages, I can get a snack or take a break to do something fun. Come to terms with the fact that you have to do it and you can t avoid it. Think about how much happier you will be once it s done. Then, make a schedule and make sure you stick to it. Good luck!

Do a lot of studying online about your subject. Keep a rough copy online, and keep adding to it. Once you have it all in order, go to the writing lab to have them help you. Don t take the paper so seriously, the professors often times merely glance through them, or have students grade them for them.

Procrastinating is a common problem for professional writers and students alike. The causes of writing procrastination include fear of failure, lack of interest in the topic, embarrassment, and a desire to simply be doing anything else. By organizing your time and breaking your workload down into more manageable chunks, you can avoid staring at a blank screen for hours and progress through your essay more steadily. It''s perfectly normal to procrastinate a bit, so try to set aside enough time and don''t too put much pressure on yourself.

Today, author and blogger Ali Luke from Aliventures provides some strategies. My personal tools include Write Or Die for first draft writing and diarizing like a crazy person, blocking chunks out for each part of my life.

Admit it, you procrastinate. All writers do. I t’s perfectly understandable, too: writing is just plain hard at times, and sometimes you genuinely don’t have the energy to write.