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You sound just like I did! I was looking for a job that didn t require me to face the public. Well, I got into pharmacy technician training, and most people believed that that was it, but it really isn t. No, you do a lot of talking. The real reclusive jobs may be hard to get, because they are cushy, such as sorting mail or stamping invoices. Those are not only easy, but really stable. Don t we all want a job like that! Why not just try to be social? If I could do it, you could do it. I m 26 and have never been on a date. Now THAT S shy. Customers don t really care if you re awkward or quiet, or find it difficult to look them in the eyes. Eventually, you ll get used to it. You ll still be shy but you ll separate work and everything else, and able to put on an act especially for work. Anyway, I m so timid, socially, that I didn t drive until I was 21! I never drove on a freeway until I was 25, and I ve bought so many shirts and clothes that don t really fit me properly, because I was scared during shopping that I just grabbed what looked good, bought it real fast, and left! I used to be unable to answer the home phone when it rings. I used to be unable to order food for myself at McD s or BK (still can t from Subway, though). This is SHY stuff! If I could get around it for the sake of employment, so can you. I had a goal. I wanted to move to Japan. When I got my first job, the first few months were hell. My workmate was grumpy and yelled at me a couple times, and I just hated being new and unfamiliar with things, but I stuck with it just so I could visit Japan. Well, I did a year later, but now 5 years later, I have more realistic goals, have become less shy, and there is a world beyond otaku-ness.

With regard to social work, most jobs require a master s degree (MSW), and there is supposed to be a high burn-out rate in the field. I m not sure how many jobs there are for surgical tech as there may only be a certain amount of them per hospital or surgical center. Before taking prereq courses for dental assistant, please look at some dental textbooks at the local community college library or dental/medical school library as some patients may have severe dental disease which may be tough for some to view. A medical lab tech may have to work with solvents and other chemicals. (Please tell your kids to NOT deliberately inhale fumes or chemical vapors also known as "huffing". My friend has a Brain Injury from inhalant use at the age of 12, now in her 30s.) Regardless of which program that you choose, please avoid those private overly priced For-profit schools and make sure that the program is accredited within the industry such as American Dental Association. For general career info: http://www.bls.gov/oco and can search. U.S. colleges: http://www.utexas.edu/world/univ


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