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Biology. Explore the science of life by learning about the systems and structures that make up the organisms of our world.

Well you should start by explaining how the organism is able to survive. If it is a skyfish it probably flies, and to fly it is probably convergent with birds who also fly. So the fish has a super light bone structure to allow for flight. Also, will there be feathers or something else to support flight. It probably will be convergent with something like other marine bird species. So a thick feather coat, oily feathers. But the fish should have gills to keep it fish like. How does the organism reproduce: you should think about how this fish could have evolved. Is it related to birds, if so then it should lay eggs outside of the water, or it could lay eggs in the water, but build an elaborate nest underwater. Also, will the animal be monogamous, or practice things like polyandry or polygyny. What does your organism eat. Will it be predatory, a grazer, or something in between. Its up to you. Also, how does your organism relate to other animals. Does it have any relationships, like mutualism or commensal relationships. What is the animals preferred habitat. Is it fresh water, air, salt water? Cold or warm temperatures? Does it migrate like birds? You should consider all these things, and try to make them make sense in an evolutionary fashion; meaning it should make sense to have some characteristics from a bird and some from a fish and anything else that this particular animal evolved from.

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