Тема: Homework help! Momentum question... pretty quick. Please & Thanks?

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force = 5*10 = 50N if the water bounced, the answer would be greater, as the roof would have to exert a larger force on the water to make it change direction instead of stopping, and therefore, according to Newton s 3rd law, the water would exert a larger force on the roof.

Net momentum before was 0 since nothing moved. All the momentum after has to add up to zero. Ball has momentum of mv = 10*500 = 5000 kgm/s (going forward). That means there must be a -5000 kgm/s (going backward) momentum on the cannon. -5000= mv = 1000v v= -5 m/s


Rolling and bowling, Bill shows us some Great Moments in momentum. It's the multiplied product of speed and mass, y'know. Well, watch

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Assume m = 200 g =.2 kg. Then, by the momentum-impulse formula, we have. Vertical.. F_y * t =.6 Horizontal. m * v_x =.09 So the magnitude of the balls momentum change is. √(.6² +.09²) ≈.607 Find the ball s final speed with the same form! This time, you need to determine the vertical velocity, using the given force, the time and the mass! Good luck!