Тема: The Best Thesis Topic Ideas For Education Major

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Chemical usage, fish stock disruption, allocation of land vs water & general issues with the wider ecological system. Social problems can be looked at too.

The idea that some races are more intelligent than others was discredited LONG ago. In fact, now that we can decode the entire human genome, geneticists tell us our whole idea of race is an illusion. Beneath the skin we are more alike than was ever believed before. IQ testing is no longer even used for much. We realize that testing IQ accurately is very difficult, and for decades now experts have busted their butts trying to remove cultural bias from IQ tests. Years ago The Bell Curve came out, a book supposedly proving the intellectual inferiority of blacks and Hispanics. It was roundly discredited by just about every expert who knew anything about IQ testing, anthropology, etc. etc. But you know what? That s not even the issue. Suppose we could actually prove that black people -were- less intelligent than white people, ON AVERAGE. That would mean that one individual black might be more or less intelligent than one individual white. To use the AVERAGE intelligence as a justification for racism, for exclusion or racial profiling or whatever, would still be wrong, because people should be judged on their individual merits and accomplishments etc. Richwine s dissertation (and other stuff he s written) says that immigrants shouldn t be allowed in from Mexico because they re stupider than Anglos and so they will all end up on welfare. AND that their children and grandchildren, and several more generations, will all be inferior in intelligence and so suck up more than their share of social services. I think that s just malicious and mean-spirited. There is no real evidence to support that idea!