Тема: Word problem involving percentages?

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First of all, I better not be giving you homework answers. If this is a homework question, please use my examples and spin off of them to come up with your own. percentages: You found a shirt that you want to buy that costs $30. The store has a sale going on the gives you a 10% discount. So you take 30 times 10% (.1) and that will give you the amount of the discount. Then you subtract the discount from the original price ($30). proportions: I can t think of anything off the top of my head for this one. Sorry! ratios: There are 800 students in the school. There are 40 teachers in the school. What is the ratio of students to teachers. You would divide 800 by 40 to find out how many students there are to every teacher. The ratio would be 20:1.

Let n be the number of students at the north campus, and s be the number of students at the south campus. Since there are 1000 students on the east campus after they merged, we can write n+s=1000, or n=1000-s. Since 10% of the students at the north campus, 50% of the students at the south campus, and 21% of the students at the east campus, were music majors, we can write.1n+.5s=.21*1000, or.1n+.5s=210. Plugging n=1000-s into that equation, we have: .1n+.5s=210 .1(1000-s) +.5s = 210 100 -.1s +.5s = 210 .4s + 100 = 210 .4s = 110 s = 275 Plug that into n=1000-s: n = 1000 - 275 n = 725 So there were 725 students at the north campus and 275 students at the south campus before the merger. *Note: This implies that the north campus had 72.5 music majors and the south campus had 137.5 music majors, which really doesn t make much sense, so this isn t the best question. I hope that helps :)