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You could try to write about digital piracy (software, music, applications etc.) It has a lot of ethical issues. You can also discuss the ethical issues and legitimacy of managing or transferring digital files like mp3s and videos in digital players such as ipods.

Zero day attacks and the utter failure of the web for secure applications such as voting from home.

Paper was the only recourse for storing and sharing most written information. Paper was and is easily destroyed which meant that a large percentage of the knowledge gathered in a generation was simply destroyed. That information had to be rediscovered and this slowed progress. One problem that plagued scientists and the world at large prior to computers was the slow rate that information moved. Calculus was discovered at almost the same time by Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz. They could have cooperated if they knew they were working on similar projects. But since Leibniz lived in Paris, France and Newton worked at Cambridge, England, far enough apart geographically and ideologically, they were unable to collaborate. One of the most useful parts of computers is how they can be integrated into machines. Prior to the development of the processor, machines had to be complex to complete the simplest task. Processors allow for machines to perform more complex tasks with less complicated mechanical systems. Take an automatic door: With the help of a small processor and some visual detection hardware, the door opens when you approach--something that was previously impossible. Information has become much more condensed and easier to organize. If you never run out of space to store the information you want to store and can access it easily, then that information is more useful. So not only does information last longer and move easier, that same information becomes more worthwhile. Information that you can t use is worthless and computers have helped change that. Computers have one final useful characteristic, they are fast. Computers can do calculations that would take a human many years to do. This works because the way the computer processes information is very fast. For example a one-gigahertz processor processes information at a rate of one billion times per second. This allows us to do high-end calculations and simulations that would otherwise be impossible. Schools use IT for keeping records for long periods of time. This allows school administrators to track financial and academic records on a server, which takes less space than individual paper files. It is necessary for schools to maintain records about students, faculty and staff: The use of IT simplifies this task. Information technology on the job is available for many different types of uses and applications, web based or off line. Some of these technologies include e-Commerce (the ability to shop, keep inventory, keep track of returns and deal with customer service issues); e-Learning (the ability to go to school and earn a certificate or degree without having to leave home); day trading (the ability to self-purchase stock and stock options without having to physically call a broker); voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP--the ability to plan meetings and see, talk, hear and speak with people thousands of miles away and all over the world by using inexpensive hardware and software); and also by the use of wireless communications such as cell phones and PDAs.

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