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How about: ADDICTIVE STIMULANT MEDICATIONS FOR ADD/ADDH CHILDREN; A TICKING SOCIAL TIME BOMB! See sections 22 - 25, at http://www.ezy-build.net.nz/~shaneris Many of them, when they reach the age where their parent s insurance no longer cover the high cost of such central nervous system stimulants, resort to street drugs, like meth, with all the risks, and costs to health, and society (crime, to support their habit, and making drug lords rich enough to "buy" judges, police, and politicians). It begins with the compulsory medication of young children, to make them fit into a social mould, as a result of pressure from the pharmaceutical companies, through lobbyists, and politicians, and schools and education departments. Enter ADD & ADHD in the searchbars at http://www.mercola.com & http://www.naturalnews.com


The Nature vs Nurture Debate. Dane