Тема: Citing a book abstract in APA form?

GRADE 8 REVIEW TEST DO NOT WRITE ON THIS PAPER!! 1. Simplify: 3x – 7 + 5x +8. A) -5x +15 B) 2x +1 C) 8x -15 D) 8x +1. 2. Simplify: m + m + 3m +4

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GRADE 8 REVIEW TEST DO NOT WRITE ON THIS PAPER!! 1. Simplify: 3x – 7 + 5x +8. A) -5x +15 B) 2x +1 C) 8x -15 D) 8x +1. 2. Simplify: m + m + 3m +4

Your question is too broad for a simple answer. If you are so inclined to truly learn this, I suggest you read Barbara Tuchman s, the Guns of August. Another great source is Dreadnaught by Massey. You really ought to use a library and conduct some basic research. Nobody can answer this question, short of the superficial, in a mere e-mail. Superficially, the European nations were in an arms race. Old style governmental systems were at work in the face of changing forms of government. These conditions gave rise to mistrust. Old antagonisms from prior wars (notably the Franco Prussian War of 1870) gave rise to these conditions. In addition, various governments formed alliances with each other. The most notable, was the secret pact between Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Balkans, always a hot bed of hatred (not really much different today), was a tinder box. Serbia, allied to Russia, as others have alluded to in these postings, saw the flashpoint when the Archduke was assassinated. Austro-Hungary demanded concessions which, in fact, were met, but Austria was itching for a fight. So they mobilized their army. So Serbia mobilized. This brought the Russians into play. It also compelled the Germans to execute their treaty obligations. The British and French, long suspicious of each other (despite the Pax Britanica-after Waterloo) had to mobilize. In a simple nutshell, it was a series of dramatic and somewhat collision like, and arguably unavoidable tensions that led to escalations. Even had the Archduke not been murdered, it is likely that events in Europe would have led to war. As an interesting parallel, one can draw a conclusion that an army mobilized is an army used. Throughout history, one readily sees the first indicator of an attack is the principle of mass. An army mobilized first can do the most damage. It is a sure bet that a nation who mobilizes their forces is going to attack. That includes this nation when we sent our military to Iraq. No matter what a politician says they won t do, when they mobilize the army, it is going to be used. Regards.

Reason you re having so much problem finding something like this is that I seriously doubt one has been written. There would be very little/no need for it. Most folks using these formats will already know what they are capable of, and where they are of most use. Plus the fact, you re talking about a plethora of different companies, dates and technologies. Best of luck finding this--and if you do find one, let me know, will you? I d be interested to find out WHY it had been written Scots

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